The Lesson We Learned from the Pandemic: Give People the Appropriate Value

If 2020 has put a strain on companies, entrepreneurs are underestimating the negative impact on the psyche of employees, who are not only affected by uncertainty for the future, but also work under the constant fear of contagion.

According to Ranieri Guerra (OMS General Director of Strategies), “Today it is estimated that the 264 million people affected by depression in the world before the pandemic have doubled: we have gone from 6% of the total world population with depression, to 13% . “.

What can companies do to make this historic moment as peaceful as possible for employees?

Soon I will show you the operational plan we have put in place in Cy.Pag., but first let’s take a step back to the beginning of 2020, which started like all the other years: there was a return from the holidays, we are back on desks and plans have been made for the coming months, already thinking about summer.

This is what each of us did, but no one imagined that 2020 would not be like all other years.

This is where we want to start, from the beginning of 2020 when everything proceeded normally and from one moment to the next this normality was upset by a sea of ​​news, which would then have condemned us to close the companies and to stay at home.

Many companies, however, have not stopped, they have thought a lot and worked hard to understand how to overcome this crisis, which is almost more social and psychological than economic. And that’s exactly what we’re hooked on: Christmas is family and sociality. We therefore want to tell the story of how we have overcome this social crisis in the company.

We immediately understood that the biggest problem to be faced was that of the lack of human relationships, the distancing and forced isolation was slowly leading us to increasingly negative and heavy psychological consequences.

The first solution we adopted within the company was to organize Yoga courses at a distance, thus respecting the rules and enhancing the team spirit, which could find themselves doing leisure activities and detaching the mind from negatives thoughts.

In fact, smart working, especially for office workers, has involved the prolonged maintenance of incorrect postures on the desks at home over time: Yoga has been a real cure-all very welcome to reactivate muscle mobility.


Another aspect with which we wanted is to make the company feel closer to its collaborators was as simple as effective: a company Whatsapp messaging channel for communications to employees, not only “official” communications, but also messages from management to their own team. These messages could be answered with feedback via email on a dedicated mailbox.

As far as employee safety is concerned, we have developed and introduced Nextometer™ in the company, a device for social distancing that has given security to the production guys by getting used them to maintaining distance in a natural way; in fact, employees felt much safer and more protected working wearing this device. To learn more about the operation of Nextometer™ click here.

Then we thought of all our customers and not, organizing more and more Academy activities through the many training and educational Webinars organized monthly. In this way we were able to stay close to people, even at a distance.

With the Pneusaving Webinar we explained our innovative and sustainable projects, introducing the Cy4.0, a system designed to monitoring and optimize the filling of pneumatic cylinder chambers and to provide information on the health and performance of the cylinder. You can find more information here.

All these activities have taught us to value social and human relationships.

So here are some good resolutions for 2021: learn to give the right value to the people who matter and to the time we spend together.

A company is not only made up of internal collaborators, but also of interpersonal relationships with external partners, like customers and suppliers, for which we have collected all 25 years of experience within our Academy, which you can access for free by clicking here.

This is our Christmas present.

Merry Christmas from all of us, Cy.Pag.

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