Custom Made Cylinders

Designed to fit your needs


In our archives there are hundreds of special cylinder designs that we have made for our customers over the past twentyfive years.

Cy.Pag. produces a wide range of pneumatic cylinders and accessories for applications in numerous fields and various conditions, including the most extreme environments.

Continuous improvement and tireless research work carried out by the company over the years have made it possible to extend the company’s offering to include customised cylinders made to order, to meet specific customer requirements based on application and area of use.

Our technical team is available for all customers, be it a small local company or large organisation, to analyse product requirements, study a customised solution that meets initial requirements, and design and produce the chosen solution.

All customised Cy.Pag. cylinders are produced in accordance with the company’s high quality standards and provide a guarantee of top performance and reliability.

Read our Success Stories

These are only a few of our success stories during the last 25 years.

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