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You have always provided quick answers to all our questions, always available to seize new opportunities because you are a company attentive to innovation. Also the collaboration has been proactive on both sides to achieve the best final result.
Luigi C.
Before working with Cy.Pag. we mainly encountered problems related to delivery that took a long time or was not respected and certainly problems related to quality.

Cy.Pag. cylinders are better than the market.
Tiberio S.
Dealer (Veneto)
For special cases we are more than happy to have guys like Antonio to help us with special solutions.
In the past we sometimes had problems with delivery times and also with special prices for special products. But since the last 5 years our turnover with Cy.Pag. increased caused in chaning of communication with each other.
Jochen Z.
Dealer (Germany)


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