From today our cylinders have caps made of 100% recycled material

The project is the result of collaboration with Pöppelmann (a German company leader on the material plastic field since 1949) and sign a fundamental step on commitment of Cy.Pag. with a view to sustainability an recycle.

The initiative started in June 2022 it is about the switch of protection caps on the pneumatic cylinder in favour of caps in 100% recycled plastic. This cap works to protect the air inlets for loading and unloading.

The objective is double, the first is allow the process of plastic reusing and at the same time reduce the use of fossil resources to against the climate change.

Our new caps, for design and dimensions, are made with less plastic versus previous caps and they reduce overall the consumption of virgin plastic in Cy.Pag.

This initiative is a part of big program that reply to the need ever more stringent of our European clients, in particular those based in Germany where will be new directive on disposable plastic materials (SUP) on force before 2024.

Our CEO Luca Pagni say: “from to a deep comprehension of climate emergency we want to give to our client’s solutions less possible pollutants and support they in the sustainability operations.

It is a little step but equally important for the change request to company on the value chain.

Collaborations like this allow to accelerate the transition to a circular economy with low CO2 emissions.

The next step will be growing the investment designed to alternative solutions for all our packaging system, for to reduce plastic waste but also improve the separation of materials to for recycling purposes and increase the renewable quota in our shipments.

We are committed to become a more sustainable company, aiming mainly to reduce of carbon footprint, also using recycle materials and from renewable sources.

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