iProd and Cy.Pag. the first “Self Monitoring Cylinder” in the world

iProd Srl, based in Pisa, was born from a spin-off of Linari Engineering. Linari Engineering work for over 15 years on the industrial automation field, creating solutions with high technology profiles and high innovation, for big European companies mainly.

The company has patented iProd MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform), the most recentry technology innovation in Cloud, simple to use like an app to increase the productivity, quality and organization of every dimension, in particular small and medium, through the better use of human resources and technologic available.

iProd Marketplace is the invention that allows machine builders, without risk or initial costs, to stay in touch with their clients by proposing goods, services and spare parts in the exact moment they are needed.

iProd Marketplace counts over 3 million industrial goods from several vendors.

It is natively integrated into the iProd platform for management and company planning of every industry and dimension.


The just-in-time cylinder

During the working cycle, the machine detects the malfunction of the cylinder through sensors placemented between cylinder’s air intake and its power source.

If the problem is not recognised on time, it can cause a machine downtime: the nightmare of every entrepreneur.

The operator will be notified of the malfunction, therefore, he can order the part just in time by reading the QR code on the cylinder body which links to the item’s iProd Marketplace page. 

The right replacement with no time spent searching for information and technical sheets but the best production efficiency in price, express delivery and service.

One time that the replacement has been chosen, all the information and documental funnel will pass automatically inside the iProd platform, in a bi-directional way, so that the offers, orders, DDTs, technical documents and testing, will be generated and automatically stored leaving space also at the traditional interaction by email.

In this perfectly integrated supply chain, you will have all the information in real-time on the variations of delivery terms the can they allow to replan your productive and logistics activities, ever inside the platform in Cloud of iProd, to provide delivery and fast services to our clients.

A Value Chain in Industry 4.0

A real industry 4.0 is the sharing, fastly and in a correctly timing, the interesting data, generated from the machine in the ecosystem of IT platform, adopted from single supply chain player (CRM, ERP, MES, managing of maintenance, managing of energy consumption etc..) perfectly integrated with the digital twin of machine managed from iProd platform MOP and integrated with iProd marketplace contextual” Stafano Linari CEO e founder of iProd, say.

One of our main goal of growing is render a cylinder intelligent in two direction: the energy saving, so the air compressed consumption during the activities and his capability of auto monitoring, by providing functioning data and allowing to prevent broke and stop machine.

For Cy.Pag.  be a cylinder manufactur and also a service vendor that can slime the procurement process, and why not, also of data that encourages predictive maintenance is an arrival point where we strongly believe.

“The partnership with iProd, develop in this way and the marketplace is the first fundamental step”.

With this words Luca Pagni, CEO of Cy.Pag. describe the commitment of company in a perspective of sustanibility and digitalization.

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