The Business Challenges Of 2025 and How to Prepare For Them: Cy.Pag. Becomes Stock Company

How do the entrepreneurs react to the Covid-19 emergency?

We have always been a proud people: although 2020 was an unprecedented difficult year, it seems that entrepreneurs are not crying out, but on the contrary they are creating a new way of doing business in times of economic storm.

This is attested by the researches of the Politecnico di Milano, in particular the Director of the Digital Transformation Observatories, which reveal the following:

  • 63% of Italian high-tech start-ups have undertaken their own initiatives to support the Covid-19 emergency.

  • The percentage of large companies (38%) that introduced the Innovation Department has grown.

  • 70% of large companies are already dedicating themselves to Corporate Entrepreneurship, the ability to develop entrepreneurial attitudes in employees.

This confirms that despite adversity, entrepreneurs are able to change traditional organizational models and evolve, using innovation to seize hidden opportunities even in the worst crisis.

The Recovery Plan is also mainly based on innovation, in particular on the transition to digital.

The management of Cy.Pag. demonstrates that it fully applies these principles, because after 25 years from its foundation, on December 16th the Company becomes a joint stock company.

We interview the Corporate Manager Luca Pagni, who tells us the reasons for the transformation into Stock Company and illustrates the new challenges that Cy.Pag. will have to face in the coming years.


What will be the main advantages of the transformation into Stock Company for your partners and collaborators?

The transformation into Stock Company it is a point of departure rather than a point of arrival.

We have been reorganizing Cy.Pag. for over two years now, by refining our strategic positioning and by aligning our organization with our strategies, and finally by accelerating investments in excellent human resources, but also in digital tools to increase our competitiveness on the market.

The first tangible effect, however, will be on the primary asset of each company, its employees, who will be given the opportunity to participate in the shareholding of Cy.Pag.. I firmly believe in the importance of involving and enhancing the human resources of my company, ours mission must be common, with common risks but also common satisfactions.


The year 2020 has particularly tried the world economy. How does the transformation of Cy.Pag. in Stock Company is contextualized within such a fragile macro-economic context?

It is the confirmation of a medium-long term plan that starts from far and looks far.

In Cy.Pag. we look at the turnover, but also (and sometimes above all) to the medium-long term soundness, in terms of economic-financial balance and organizational-strategic balance.


Cy.Pag. S.p.A. is the result of the merger of two distinct visions, that of Adriano, the Founder, and yours as current Corporate Manager.

Given the difficulty of managing the generational shift, how difficult was it to complete this process?

I would like to say that in our case there were no “endogenous” difficulties in the passage, said in a simple way: between me and my father there has always been a great openness, trust and mutual esteem, certainly not without comparisons and differences of assessments, as it is right and healthy as it is.

But there were very difficult steps, such as a strong reorganization of top management in 2019, followed by the acquisition of shares at the end of 2019.

They were very but very challenging and I would say epochal steps for Cy.Pag..

Also in this was essential the continuous comparison between me and my father, with the fundamental support of Prof. Claudio Grossi, who is now also Administrator of Cy.Pag. Group.


In 1995 Corporate orientation was primarily to the customer, but in 2020 the market poses different challenges, and requires a competitive orientation.

How has the Marketing orientation changed in the last 25 years?

I would say that it is still changing, with the aim of “transforming” us at all levels, in a company oriented to competition. It’s true our market, like many others, has changed a lot, fortunately our core competencies and positioning have proved a great strength.

But that’s not enough anymore, today to compete and grow you really have to communicate very differently with your market, both with existing customers and with potential customers.

It is no longer enough to make an exceptional product, and maybe “treat the customer well”: this is what the market (or at least our target customers) now expects!

You need to communicate much more and much better, to prove that you are a real authority in the industry, as we are!

In a world literally bombarded with communication, this is much, much more difficult than before.


Cy.Pag. has always been a company focused on a single product, the pneumatic cylinders, with a clear propensity for innovation and customization.

What are the advantages of your partners in choosing your solutions?

That of working with a real partner not just a supplier.

We have loyal customers for 10, 15, even 25 years: why?

Because we don’t just make an excellent product, but we listen to customers, help them in their growth process, personalize and make their offering competitive, instead of just thinking about making a price.

And then excuse me, it would be enough to think that my father with pneumatic cylinders has been working there for over 50 years, from the beginnings of designer, through the experience of multinational Managers, up to his fantastic entrepreneurial adventure.


The news does not stop there, because Cy.Pag. S.p.A. is also developing innovative solutions and services such as:

  • Fast Delivery within 24 hours.

  • The Self Service Order Control Portal.

  • The online product configurator, also including custom-made cylinders.

  • The Academy, which collects all the monthly Webinars.

  • Finally, the Cy4.0, the pneumatic cylinder for industry 4.0, which communicates its state of health and saves up to 85% on consumption.

Find out why Cy.Pag. are the #1 competitive advantage for machine builders by clicking here.

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