Our Planet’s Greatest Threat Is Believing Someone Else Will Save It!

This has become Cy.Pag. Group’s motto this year as we focused on the theme of sustainability by quoting Robert Swan’s very words as the explorer and adventurer and founder of the association 2041 raised as a model by committing to the protection of Antarctica. 

How come on a globalized planet within human reach explorers still exist?

Swan’s story seems out of a novel or an adventure film breaking the box office’s sell records, except he is actually existing and alive and with other men who are putting their lives at risk and making extraordinary gestures such as walking and travelling from the north pole to the south pole.

In 2041 the moratorium preventing the exploitation of Antarctica mineral resources will expire, and a massive race to exploitation is expected, which could harm the delicate existing balance of Antarctic environmental sustainability.

Antarctica is particularly rich in iron and coal deposits, therefore many economically interested parties, including whole nations, share great interests in exploiting the immense wealth covered by the thick permafrost layer.

However, Antarctica has not always been the icy land it is today: in fact, during the Cretaceous, about 145 million years ago, it used to be a luxuriant, rich in vegetation continent filled by rainforest and equatorial temperatures, as today’s Amazon.

34 million years ago, an epochal change in the climate transformed Antarctica into the frosty area we know today, an ice desert, which extends for thousands of kilometers, 1,230 to be precise, from the nearest coast, and up to an altitude of 2,800 meters.

Could you see yourself driving for 1230 km with an average summer temperature of -18°C and winter of -76°C, without any sign and form of life around you?

This is what distinguishes an adventurer, who has already done that, from regular people like us, reading about his deeds and being inspired by them.

Learn more about Robert Swan by clicking here.

What’s Cy.Pag. Group’s role in this?

According to Forbes, renewable energy should surpass fossil fuels within the next 5 years, but this change requires a great deal of effort from today’s entrepreneurs in order to make tomorrow’s world brighter.

Our future can also be shaped through tiny but continuous consistent little actions, which bring great results in the long term. Frequently apparently insignificant choices or things we do may pave the way to success. 

According to Forbes, the world’s largest companies e.g. Amazon or Microsoft, are seeing sustainability as an opportunity rather than an additional cost, reducing their margins of gain.

This investment will make the future brighter for both the companies and the planet,while also avoiding reaching the point of no return and the worst case scenario, in which the Earth will turn against mankind and its tendency to pollute and exploit the planet savagely.

Regarding this point, Forbes revealed some statistics showing how workers are increasingly interested in working for companies whose goal is not only profit, but also ” inclusiveness and sustainability,aimed at protecting the environment”. Therefore, companies seeking to hire the best talent must consider that money may not be enough to attract a new generation of conscientious workers. 

It seems that the same rule also applies to consumers, who are looking for brands in which to put their trust into, and sustainability’s role will become increasingly more a key aspect of the production operations.

Entrepreneurs will have to make long-term investment choices, in companies such as Amazon, whose project zero involves reaching impact by 2040, or Microsoft that has chosen Norway for its data center, seen as the highly sustainability-oriented politics of the country.

A practical and sustainable action

After having spoken about sustainability theoretically all over the year, let us make that practical little gesture that might ignite the “change” to create a virtuous mechanism, which allows us to acquire increasingly and gradually larger habits over time.

All collaborators of Cy.Pag. Group will receive 2 gifts from Father Christmas “Luca”, to confirm a real commitment towards sustainability.

The first is a physical gift, a personalized canteen with Cy.Pag. logo and Robert Swan’s slogan, “Our planet’s greatest threat is believing someone else will save it!” aim to reduce the amount of plastic bottles for water that are disposed of every day.

Probably a tiny gesture, but important and especially visible and tangible to everyone’s daily life, as a memorial that in the long run will have a great impact.

The second is a literary gift, the book “Who Moved My Cheese”, whose main theme is ‘change’ and remembers to put ourselves at stake in order to change our lives primarily and that of other people through intense cooperation, which leads people to achieving more ambitious goals.

At this point I just have to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and I want to do it with this beautiful song by David Bowie, that can inspire us to change our way of life to make our home, planet earth better: Listen to the song.

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