The Standard Cylinder Does Not Fit in Your Machine? In Just 60mm, The Short Stroke Simplifies Planning

Perfect for use in woodworking machines, this cylinder was designed to solve the design difficulties of technicians when there are limited spaces; moreover, it allows to contain the design and production costs of the machine.

The lack of space in the construction of industrial machines is a common problem for many manufacturing companies.

Often designers have to create high-performance technical applications in small interior spaces, without sacrificing an efficient result in terms of productivity and safety.

How many times have we found ourselves having to accept design compromises due to the lack of space and spending time on solutions that are not ideal for the final use of the machine?

Often, these compromises lead to an unsatisfactory result and are undoubtedly time consuming, because they require a lot of time, and they have considerable prototyping costs that will negatively affect the budget. It is therefore necessary to pay attention and not to compromise on the functionality and safety of the machines.

In fact, in most cases, these problems are underestimated and a choice of product is made that exclusively satisfies the space problems, without thoroughly evaluating the technical characteristics, the greater wear compared to a standard cylinder (because it has a coupling between with heads which is less robust/solid than all other cylinders) and the optimal conditions of use of a cylinder, which then risks having a shorter life than expected and going against premature breaks.

The correct application and use of a pneumatic cylinder should not be underestimated, as it is subject to the use of compressed air. If not properly sized and built in a workmanlike manner, it can even face violent breakages (in some extreme cases, even of an explosion nature) that can damage the machines or harm the people who work near the machines themselves.

The Short Stroke, initially, was designed for industrial use in woodworking machines, to be precise, to block work pieces. It is clear that, as often happens in pneumatics, but also in other industrial sectors, that when a product with a specific destination is made, in a short time it is then applied in other sectors. The Short Stroke cylinder is no exception, in fact it has found new applications, always with locking functions.

Its name (Short Stroke) derives from the fact that the stroke, the distance between the bottom dead center and the top dead center inside a cylinder, is very small and gives this type of cylinder an even smaller dimension than the range of compacts; this is due to the fact that the short stroke does not have cushioning having a limited stroke space.

So we can say that Short Stroke=short cylinders, therefore cylinders with a very small body, about 60mm, but which can develop a thrust force similar to a standard cylinder.

With the entry of the Short Stroke in the catalog of Cy.Pag. the offer of cylinders that have a low impact on the use of space in the construction and design of industrial machines is completed.

Fill out the form below to request free technical advice with one of our Tyre Tutors and to find out how the Short Run can simplify the machine design process without compromise on design and functionality.

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