The Most Important Thing You Need to Know if You Have 2,500 Competitors With You on The Starting Line and You Want to Win at All

Everyone wants to win, but only three get on the podium: in sport as in business, what really matters are the strategies and partners we choose.

This is what Pietro Dutto did, the runner-up in the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia, a cycling race organized over a distance of 110 km and a gradient of 1,700 m.

The sportsman in Cy.Pag. shirt, started riding his bike from Cantù and, together with the other sportsmen, he faced the terrible wall of Sormano (which has an average slope of 15.8% and a maximum of 27%) and the mythical climb of the Ghisallo (tough but less complicated than that of the wall of Sormano) present on the route.

But what are the ingredients for the success that we can learn from Pietro?

Discipline: training is tiring and willpower sometimes is not enough. 

To impose rules also unwillingly leads to great results because it is precisely where others give up that we find the way to get on the podium.

The same is true even if we talk about work because your discipline will break down the competition without mercy.

Perseverance: also called stubbornness

It is said that, if you have no talent, you can still achieve great results with perseverance.

Training is like playing an instrument, you may not have a sense of rhythm but if you spend your days doing the turn of C you will surely be able to play “Stand by Me”

Predisposition: find your qualities and potential to the fullest

If Michael Jordan had been 150cm tall, he would hardly have had the same success.

Your talents seasoned with healthy discipline can generate firepower.

Strategy: muscles and brain

“Power is nothing without control,” said a famous advertisement of the mid-90s. It was right! If all our efforts are analyzed, estimated and evaluated we will be able to improve our performance.

Take a cue from what happens outside and enjoy success!

Self-evaluation and, when deserved, knowing how to enjoy your successes is important.

On top of one of the two fearsome climbs of the route, there is the “Madonna del Ghisallo”, a church that, with its famous bells, allowed cyclists to enjoy a special landscape and justify even more the fatigue of that moment.

A sports competition is like the life of your company.

A mix of climbs, descents, failures and successes that tests but certainly never bores.

Pietro is very strong but we like to think that our shirt has brought him some luck.

We at Cy.Pag. we chose him and we accompany him in his businesses because we have so much to learn from him.

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