Cy.Pag. Rodless Cylinders: Interchangeable, Customisable And Best Value For Money On The Market

More and more often in large companies you hear people say “we have always done it this way” or “that product is the best, we have been buying it for years and we have never had any problems”.

Sometimes by the law of large numbers this is a true statement, but 95% of the time when you start hearing this phrase in the corridors of the company it is the beginning of the end.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes states: “Greatness is not where we are, but where we are going. To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor”

In fact, this stagnant attitude is holding back innovation, research and development and, above all, the possibility of finding new business partners, that are better or far superior to those you have relied on for years, perhaps decades.

The society of 2030 will be very different from today and will bear little resemblance to the one predicted by futurists : adapting is the solution, or succumbing to those who have done so.

Change is scary, it is human nature, but overcoming this initial fear could be the positive turnaround and the push your company needs to achieve goals and objectives it has never reached .

That’s what am going to talk to you about today: how do our new Rodless Cylinders make a difference?

The (almost monopolistic) situation today

There is one major player in the world that dominates this market and it is in that position for a reason: I do not want to talk to you about product quality or other factors, but simply to describe objectively what has been happening until now.

As in all virtual monopoly situations on the market, the monopolist player decides the price, with the aim of maximising profit, and the terms of delivery of the products, because he has no (or little) competition, and can essentially do what he wants.

This leads the monopolist to take little care of his customer (this is not always true, but in many cases, it is) because he knows that he cannot go elsewhere, or that the few alternatives on the market are not up to his product.

Here is how, in 5 lines, we can explain exactly what the situation is in the rodless cylinders market today:: products with no (or almost no) competition, monopoly prices and unknown delivery times.

The turning point on the market

With the entry of a new player on the market, everyone “wins”, except the monopolist.

In fact, when new players begin to enter a monopoly, the market changes.

The new companies will in fact offer products that may be qualitatively comparable or superior to those already on the market, but with lower prices and impeccable customer service.

Customers who have always bought that product will now have one or more alternative choices.

While the monopolist will have to defend its position, either by integrating and improving customer service, by upgrading or by adjusting prices downwards.

So, going back to the initial quote “we have always done it this way “, you should not use this excuse that will lead you to die, but always analyse the market to find new stronger business partners or to get better conditions from the, now former, monopolist.

Cy.Pag. it is also Rodless: features and advantages

Having done a market analysis we know the situation well and we have created the perfect Marketing Mix in order to be: competitive in terms of price, interchangeable with cylinders already on the market and to be able to give the same excellent service that we already provide (customer satisfaction is close to 100%) with ISO or custom-made cylinders.

Let’s see in detail what we offer with our range of Rodless Cylinders:

  • Interchangeability: our rodless cylinders are very similar than the most common ones on the market. Disassemble your cylinder and mount the compatible Cy.Pag. cylinder in the blink of an eye.

  • Quality/Price: with Cy.Pag. you have an average saving of 15% and a quality equivalent to the rodless cylinders of the major manufacturers on the market.

  • Cylinder Heads: we can manage the air inlet of the cylinder according to the supply source(side or upwards).

  • Dimensions: the length of the plate and the fixing points of the Cy.Pag. Rodless Cylinders are the same as those of the rodless cylinders already on the market.

  • Sealing Bands: we use sealing bands made entirely of steel, which makes them more heat resistant than sealing bands made entirely or partially of plastic.

  • Smooth motion in the stroke ensuring greater precision. Perfect for example for cutting machines, which require high speeds and extreme precision in cutting operations.

All of the above are features of our Rodless Cylinders, in addition to the customer service, which can be summarised as follows

  • Technical/Sales support: one of our technical consultants is at your complete disposal to analyse and assess your specific needs, advising you on the best solution for your specific case, both before and after purchase..

  • Product reliability: our products are tested to ensure the highest possible reliability for your case, in order to keep maintenance costs and cylinder performance under control over time.

  • Fast delivery: standard delivery in 10 working days: we guarantee fast delivery and high-quality products. Fast Track possible on request.

  • 3D configurator: Cy.Pag. in collaboration with Cadenas, offers the possibility to configure Rodless Cylinders with 3D moulders, directly from our website or on the dedicated platform.

  • Customisation: we can customise the cylinders with your logo and code.

These and many other advantages are the ones you will benefit from if you choose Cy.Pag. rodless cylinders.

Put us to the test, we look forward to having another satisfied customer talk about us.

For a free consultation, contact our sales team, who will be able to collect all the information relating to your specific case and, in synergy with our technical department will be able to advise on the best solution for you.

Phone: +39 0342 60 50 11


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