It Has Taken 12 Months to Redesign The Most Performing And Lasting ISO 21287 Cylinder

Less friction and more precision thanks to the turned piston with PTFE guide strips. Longer service life thanks to Parker seals leading to uncompromising quality. Passivated and painted heads and hard anodized tube for greater corrosion resistance.

Thanks to these improvements, today we can declare that our ISO 21287 cylinder is one of the best on the market.

But pay attention, redesigning a standard cylinder is not easy, it took nights to reach the maximum in terms of quality of components and materials.

Why was it necessary to redesign the ISO 21287 cylinder?

In almost 25 years of activity, we realized that customers always made the same requests regarding compact cylinders:

● Why do ISO 21287 cylinders have a short life?

● Why can’t I have a more reliable and robust compact cylinder?

● Why is all this maintenance needed for a compact cylinder, while less is needed for other cylinders?

Hearing these questions inspired us to create an ISO 21287 cylinder that:

1. had a longer life

2. it was compact, but at the same time reliable and robust.

3. needed less maintenance and limited warranty costs for our partners.

Why settle for any ISO 21287 cylinder?

Perhaps, you’ve never questioned supply relationships.

From today, however, you can choose the evolution of the ISO 21287 cylinder and guarantee your customers more efficient, more reliable and more robust machinery.

In a little while, I will explain you in detail why the ISO 21287 cylinder by Cy.Pag. It will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, making your customers even more satisfied with your machinery and reducing your production, maintenance and warranty costs.

All this at a price similar to an ISO 21287 competition cylinder.

You will discover how to improve your machinery and how the technical service dedicated to installation will put our technicians at your disposal to make the most of the potential and performance of the perhaps most advanced ISO 21287 cylinder on the market.

What have we redesigned to make it (maybe) the most advanced on the market?

 We have modified the internal specifications of the cylinder

with the addition of a more guided aluminium piston without penalizing the sliding

The cylinder is more precise and more suitable for supporting lateral loads

● We have extended the life of the cylinder

The new piston with PTFE guides improves friction and reduces the overload of the gaskets in situations of non-optimal operation, guaranteeing a longer life without leaks.

 We have made it more aesthetically beautiful

We have greatly improved the appearance of this cylinder thanks to a specific painting. In addition, passivation of the heads has been added which considerably increases the resistance to corrosion.

The 10-year experience of our technical office has allowed us to be able to guarantee to all customers who purchase this cylinder by 11/30/19 the possibility of offering a technical assistance service without any added cost on how the improvements made to this cylinder will bring real advantages to your machinery.

Contact us  +39 0342.605011 to receive a free consultation.

P.S. If instead, you install UNITOP cylinders, I suggest you also read our article about it, because we have developed a more robust and reliable cylinder specific for you.


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