Automation Studio™ Now Includes the Cy.Pag. S.p.A. Products Catalogue!

Cy.Pag. S.p.A., leader in the production of custom cylinders for more than 25 years, is proud to announce its collaboration with Famic Technologies Inc., creator of Automation Studio™, the renowned CAD and simulation software for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation, to produce and release the Cy.Pag. Catalogue for Automation Studio™.

This Catalogue allows technicians and engineers to access all the information regarding pneumatic cylinders. The technical data sheet of each cylinder will be available and completed with images or representations.

It will be possible to choose every single technical component and create a customized system for every single need. Users may simply drag and drop the desired component from the Catalogue into the Automation Studio™ Editor to build their projects. The simulation components can be directly used for the design of a pneumatic system, real-time simulation or monitoring in Automation Studio™ and generate digital twin projects.

Developed and certified in accordance with Famic Technologies’ Quality System, the Cy.Pag. S.p.A. Catalogues are now available to the entire Automation Studio™ users’ community. To learn more about the content of this catalogues, please visit Famic Technologies website.

“As a manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic cylinders, Cy.Pag. plays an important role in his sector and has implemented a Digitalization and Digital Innovation policy that will guide the company for the next 10 years”, says Luca Pagni, Corporate Manager of Cy.Pag. S.p.A. “The addition of the Cy.Pag. Products Catalogue in Automation Studio™ is the first step towards this great revolution but it will not be the last, as we are convinced that with this implementation, we will be able to help designers from all over the world to achieve their goals of energy efficiency and attention to environment, a theme very dear to us at Cy.Pag.”

“We were very pleased with the collaboration of Cy.Pag.’s team and the quality of the documentation and information provided to create the catalogue for Automation Studio™. This made it possible to produce a high-quality catalogue. Famic’s team will provide all the support needed to help Cy.Pag. achieve the level of digitalisation they are aiming for”, says Richard Gagné, Quality Manager of Famic Technologies Inc.


Famic Technologies Inc.

Based in Montreal, Canada, with branches in Germany and India, Famic Technologies is leading the industry since 1986 by providing world-class trade-oriented software solutions in the fields of fluid power, electrical engineering, industrial automation and custom software development. Namely, Automation Studio™, an innovative system design and simulation software used for training, maintenance, validation and troubleshooting of multi-technology circuits, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold for hydraulic manifold design, quoting and prototyping, and Andon Studio™, for process management optimization. With quality and performance driving decisions, Famic Technologies has become internationally recognized and sought out for its expertise, knowledge, innovation and leadership.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio™ is a unique software covering all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and automation. It is used by the different departments throughout an organization for system design, simulation and validation, training, maintenance, troubleshooting, technical publications, project documentation and sales support.

About Cy.Pag. S.p.A.

Cy.Pag. is a leading international manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation. The company was established in 1995 in Morbegno in Valtellina, and now stretches over an area of 4 000 m2. Over the years, considerable expertise has been acquired in the design and development of ISO-standard cylinders to suit numerous industrial applications, including the automotive, textile, food and farming industries. Thanks to the skills and passion of Cy.Pag. professionals, in just over twenty years the company has made its products synonymous with excellence and reliability in the industrial automation sector, and exports them to more than 40 countries throughout the world.

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