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How much does misinformation cost in energy waste?

Today in Europe’s industries, electricity consumption is estimated at around 1,013 TWh/year, 20% of this expenditure is for compressed air production. 

However, 30% of the compressed air produced is dispersed in losses.

Basically 9 billion euros are spent in Europe every year for nothing.

This means that only by eliminating the losses related to compressed air in your network, you take home 6% of the electricity bill.

Leakage remediation, however, is only part of what you can do. There are several technologies at your disposal, some of them with a very high degree of innovation. To know which of these technologies you can use, you must first make a diagnosis.

This analysis will allow you to make decisions whose consequences could be:


To understand your situation and adopt the most effective strategies, we start with a series of questions:

It is essential to define the amount of compressed air produced

To determinate the cost expressed in euro/pcs or the annual cost of the compressed air carrier.


Following consumption analysis and leakage remediation it is possible to gradually choose where and how to optimize compressed air consumption using the most suitable technologies.

Compressed Air Flow Optimization

Replacing the function performed by compressed air with other solutions

Do you build compressed air machines?

If you are a Machine Builder...

The machines that are required by the industry today can be much more straemlined and efficient thanks to a correct and advanced integration of pneumatic components.

Today the trend of machine designers is to rely on standard pneumatic solutions able to guarantee the required mechanical movements, without knowing that more effective and in some cases even cheaper cylinders can be used.

How to calculate the energy consumption of the cylinder drive and why is it important?

To understand how to reduce energy consumption in the compressed air industry it is necessary to understand the principle of compressed air work. Thermodynamic principles are necessary to determine the energy consumption and, therefore, the energy saving potential of pneumatic drives.

Here’s how to optimize your machinery:

Engineering Support

Our Involvement

Starting from the strategic phase, it will contribute to redesigning the processes according to a new logic.

Use resources more effectively

Eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities

Overall Improvement

Eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities

Calculate your
Potential Saving

Use the free online tool to calculate your potential savings.

Select the parameters of your system, the life cycle and cost calculation to get an assessment of the various energy saving indicators applied to your company.

4.0 INDUSTRY services have the principle of reducing compressed air consumption and increasing the use of the components involved.

Companies are constantly looking for innovative products. With the Industry 4.0 project, Cypag wants to help you optimize the compressed air carrier and to design machines that consume less, equipped with control systems that warn the operator when malfunctions occur.

Energy Efficiency

We perform, in a very short time, a real pneumatic audit of a machinery or of an entire production line, to identify sources and components that cause energy waste. We track down the best opportunities for performance improvement and empower them to achieve measurable, fast and sustainable results.

Predictive Maintenance

The products and services are predisposed to the Modbus cloud model (communication protocol widely used in the industrial sector). This allows us to diagnose in advance any critical issues and failures (economic, environmental and safety) by monitoring significant parameters, measured and profiled according to appropriate mathematical models. We wisely save these data to be able to implement preventive actions.

Engineering Support

Our involvement from the strategic phase will contribute to redesigning the processes according to a new logic. We can now rethink resources effectively, eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities and improving overall production efficiency. We make sure that the skills we leave behind are as valuable as the productivity improvements we help create.

5 steps to improve your business

We track down the best opportunities for performance improvement and empower them to achieve measurable, fast and sustainable results
We reduce costs through an intelligent compressed air management
We reduce costs and emissions through an intelligent compressed air management
We diagnose in time any critical issues and failures (economic, environmental and safety) by monitoring significant parameters, measured and profiled according to appropriate mathematical models.
Our involvement from the strategic phase will help to redesign the processes according to a new logic.

The Most Innovative Products On The Market


After our visit to your company, we will be able to tell you how much we can save you with our products and services.
Top Product


Pneumatic Cylinders 4.0. which can generate energy savings of up to 80%. Connected to the cloud, it provides predictive maintenance.


Internally designed mechanical devices, capable of achieving up to 90% energy saving compared to traditional pneumatic nozzles


Depression control system in pneumatic suction cup drives that can save you up to 90% energy to generate vacuum in the Pick&Place.
Top Product


Leakage detection and smart monitoring system for compressed air systems. It is a highly customizable tool on a need-to-know basis.


The most innovative, accurate and fastest leakage tester on the market. Suitable for testing any device, especially in awkward situations.

What Customers say...

R. Ingenito
Acelor Mittal
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We needed to do a thorough investigation of the state of compressed air leaks in the AMCLN group's plants. The consulting approach and the expertise gained in the industry led us to choose your products/services. Thanks to this work we have remedied numerous leaks and optimised the collection of information. We have also trained 20 people in the plant in Monza.
A. Quagli
Saint Gobain
Read More
We were fascinated by this innovative proposal. Our attention to the environment and the continuous search for methods to do SAVING pushed us to choose you. I immediately liked it for the freshness and light that came out of the eyes of that boy full of enthusiasm and competence, who presented me with his products. A few days later they came to our workshop, we made a test bench, then we bought a piece and tested it on the system. Amazing!
R. Gotta
Gruppo CLN
Read More
Before we met you we had the problem of determining air leaks from mechanical safety components. I chose you driven by your technical expertise as well as your active collaboration and determination to achieve a solution to the problem. The experience with you has allowed us to identify a solution that could lead in the future to the development of an industrial solution with considerable advantages in terms of production and towards our end customers.
Luca M.
Read More
We felt the lack of mechanical and pneumatic competence. At Safen we have found a lot of expertise in the sector. Today thanks to Safen We have been able to fill the technical gaps and successfully complete our developments. The product we developed needed profound academic skills and knowledge in the pneumatics field. The relationship of collaboration with Safen has allowed us to fully reach the goal on schedule.
Michele L.
Italian Energy Company
Read More
We had an excessive use of compressed air compared to the real needs, and we were driven by the innovation of the product. Today thanks to you, I have achieved energy efficiency and remote monitoring.

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